Baileys coffee

Baileys Coffee – Everything You Need To Know

If you’re a fan of spiked coffee, then you won’t want to miss out on this delightful upgrade of Irish coffee – introducing Baileys coffee! A luscious blend of Irish cream, aromatic coffee, and smooth whipped cream.

In this captivating guide, we will unravel the intriguing history of Baileys, tantalize your taste buds with a mouthwatering recipe, and equip you with everything you need to know about Baileys coffee.

Let’s dive into it.

What Is Baileys Coffee?

Baileys Irish coffee is a hot, creamy, spiked coffee perfect for holidays or as an after-dinner drink. Baileys offers a modern twist on classic Irish coffee by swapping traditional whiskey and sugar with rich Irish cream. An “Irish cream” is a liqueur made from a blend of whiskey, cream, cocoa, and other flavorings.

“Baileys” holds the title of the world’s most popular Irish cream liqueur brand, gaining such fame that an entire coffee drink was named after it. Though “Coole Swan” and “Five Farms” are lesser-known brands of Irish cream, they serve as worthy alternative ingredients.

Baileys has 17% alcohol by volume, slightly above the wine, which is perfect for those who enjoy a mild kick without overwhelming their senses.

What Is Baileys Coffee Made Of?

Baileys coffee is made from the coffee of your choice and luscious Baileys Irish cream. Topped with whipped cream and, finally, a sprinkle of chocolate shavings or a dash of nutmeg for that extra pizzazz.

What Kind of Coffee Beans Are Used for A Good Baileys Coffee?

You’ve the freedom to choose any kind and roast coffee beans for your Baileys coffee. While various options are available, we recommend using dark-roasted fresh Arabica beans, as they offer the best coffee flavor. For pour-over, drip, or filter coffee, go for a slightly coarser grind size, and make it finer for espresso.

How Much Caffeine Is in A Baileys Coffee?

A typical Baileys coffee has about 6 oz (180 ml) of coffee, which contains roughly 72 milligrams of caffeine. If you choose to use shots of espresso instead of regular coffee, the caffeine content will slightly increase to 95-100 milligrams. Also, baileys Irish cream itself doesn’t have any caffeine in it.

How Many Calories Are in A Baileys Coffee?

A typical Baileys coffee of about 8 oz (240 ml) may contain around 230 to 300 calories. However, the actual calorie content may differ based on the amount of Baileys Irish cream, coffee, whipped cream, and any additional ingredients used. Here is a quick breakdown.

Ingredients Serving Size Calories
Coffee 6 oz (180 ml) 0-3
Baileys Irish Cream 1.5 oz (45 ml) 140
Whipped Cream 2 tbsp (30 ml) 60
Total 200

Why Is Baileys Coffee Layered?

Baileys coffee typically consists of two to three delicious layers. Starting from the bottom, you have the coffee, followed by Baileys Irish cream, and finally, topped with whipped cream. In the case of a Baileys latte, milk is added too. These creamy layers work their magic by neutralizing the bitterness of the coffee while retaining its delightful flavor.

The History of Baileys Coffee

History of Baileys Coffee

In 1942, Irish coffee graced the scene when Joe Sheridan, the chef at Foynes Air Base, spiked coffee with whiskey for weary travelers arriving on flying boats. The drink became an instant hit and quickly gained popularity everywhere.

Fast forward to the 1970s, and here comes the superstar – Baileys Irish cream liqueur! Picture London in the ’70s, where the ingenious ad exec Tom Jago takes on a challenge from “Gilbeys of Ireland,” a subsidiary of “International Distillers & Vintners.” Their mission: create a brand-new, sensational alcoholic drink to set the world on fire.

The company brought in consultants David Gluckman, Hugh Seymour-Davies, and Mac Macpherson to craft an alcoholic marvel. Together, they concocted a genius blend of Irish whiskey and cream so velvety-smooth it amazed everyone. The surprising twist? In just 45 minutes of brainstorming, they had a game-changing creation that left them in awe. Tom was smitten by the drink and promptly arranged a meeting with a focused group.

After tinkering with the recipe and perfecting the taste, Baileys made its grand debut in ’74, proudly claiming the title of the first-ever Irish cream liqueur to hit the market.

Baileys got its name from “The Bailey’s Hotel” in London, a popular establishment at the time. As time passed, people started trying Irish cream liqueur with coffee and came up with an even more interesting drink. And thus, Baileys coffee warms our souls, layering rich history and heavenly flavors into every sip.

Who Invented Baileys Coffee?

David Gluckman, Hugh Seymour-Davies, and Mac Macpherson are the consultants who invented the Baileys Irish cream when given the task by “International Distillers & Vintners.” to come up with an alcoholic drink. However, when it comes to the original inventor of Baileys coffee, which is a delightful blend of Irish cream and coffee, history leaves us guessing.

Where Is the Baileys Coffee From?

It’s straight outta Ireland! Creamy Irish magic blended with coffee goodness – the perfect combo! Baileys Irish cream, the main ingredient, is distributed by Diageo (previously Gilbeys of Ireland).

How Is Baileys Coffee Made?

Nothing beats a warm cup of Baileys coffee on winter holidays. It’s quick and easy to make. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Gather the Ingredients

Baileys coffee is a simple cocktail made with three main ingredients: coffee, baileys cream, and whipped cream.

Since it’s served hot, we recommend pre-heating the glass before you start preparing the coffee. Brew the coffee of your choice; in the case of filter or drip coffee, aim for 6 oz or ¾ of a cup.

For espresso, we recommend Lungo-style coffee. It’s basically a longer extracted espresso shot with a 1:3 or 1:4 coffee-to-water ratio.

Typically, it comes out to be 3-4 oz (75-85 ml).

Secondly, you need a bottle of Baileys Irish cream. You can use any Irish cream liqueur for this, but Baileys does it best.

Lastly, we require whipped cream for the top layer. Don’t have one? You can easily make it at home. Just follow the guide in the next section. We are aiming for soft to medium peaks so that the cream melts and mixes with the drink at every sip.

No need to add sugar as done in Irish coffee because Baileys cream is already sweetened.

Step 2: Pour It into A Cup

Pour 4-6 oz (118 to 180 ml) of coffee into the pre-heated cup. Next add 1 ½ oz ( 45 ml) of Baileys liqueur. Stir it a little.

You can also add 2 tbsp of Baileys Extra thick cream or ice cream for an extra creamier experience.

Step 3: Top It with Cream

Just top it off with whipped cream to your liking. Take the back of a spoon and gently pour the cream over it. Sprinkle some delightful chocolate shavings for that extra touch. And voilà! Your perfect Baileys coffee is ready to savor. Enjoy!

How Is Baileys Coffee Made

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How To Make Your Own Whipped Cream?

Step 1: Chill the Cream

Make sure your whipping cream is thoroughly chilled. Pop it in the refrigerator for at least a few hours. Cold cream whips up better and faster.

Step 2: Whipping Time

Pour the chilled cream into a mixing bowl. Grab an electric mixer or whisk, and start beating the cream at medium speed. As you whisk away, watch for soft peaks forming. They should be light and airy, holding their shape but not too stiff.

Step 3: The Perfect Peaks

Once you achieve those soft peaks, slow down the whipping speed and continue until you reach the desired soft to medium peaks. The cream should be smooth, fluffy, and slightly thickened.

Now, it’s ready to crown your Baileys coffee masterpiece!

What Roast Profile to Use for Baileys Coffee?

When it comes to choosing the right roast profile for Baileys coffee, it’s all about personal preference. However, medium to dark roasted coffee grounds tend to complement the creamy and rich flavors of Baileys Irish cream nicely.

Baileys Coffee Recipe

Baileys coffee recipe

Baileys Coffee

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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1 cup


  • Coffee maker or espresso machine
  • Measuring cup
  • Mixing spoon
  • Whisk or electric mixer (for making whipped cream)


  • 180 ml Coffee
  • 45 ml Baileys Irish Cream
  • Whipped Cream


  • Gather the ingredients: coffee, Baileys cream, and whipped cream.
  • Preheat the glass. Brew 180 ml of coffee (filter/drip) or 120-150 ml of Lungo-style espresso.
  • Add 45 ml of Baileys to the coffee. Stir gently. Optionally, add 2 tbsp of Baileys Extra thick cream for a creamier experience.
  • Top with whipped cream, gently poured with a spoon.
  • Sprinkle chocolate shavings for a delightful touch.

When To Serve Baileys Coffee?

Baileys coffee is perfect for various occasions! Serve it after dinner as a dessert drink, during cozy get-togethers with friends, or to warm up on chilly evenings. Remember to drink responsibly and go for decaf at night to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Types of Baileys Coffee

Type Description
Classic Baileys Traditional blend of coffee, Baileys cream, and whipped cream.
Baileys Latte Creamy blend of Coffee, Baileys, steamed milk, and topped with frothy foam.
Baileys Mocha Rich mocha coffee infused with Baileys cream and whipped cream.
Baileys Espresso Bold espresso paired with Baileys Irish cream for an indulgent shot.
Baileys Iced Coffee Refreshing iced coffee mixed with Baileys cream and ice, a perfect summer treat.
Traditional Irish Coffee Classic combination of coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and whipped cream.
Irish Mocha Latte Creamy coffee with Irish whiskey and chocolate, topped with whipped cream.
Flat White Martini Delicious blend of espresso, vodka and Baileys Irish cream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Baileys and Coffee Good?

Absolutely! Baileys and coffee make a delightful combination. The creamy and sweet notes of Baileys Irish cream beautifully complement the rich and robust flavors of coffee.

Does Baileys Coffee Have Alcohol?

Yes, Baileys coffee contains alcohol. Baileys Irish cream liqueur, which is one of the main ingredients in Baileys coffee, has 17% alcohol by volume (ABV), making it 34 proof.

Does Baileys Coffee Get You Drunk?

While Baileys coffee may contain alcohol, it is generally not consumed in large quantities like traditional alcoholic beverages. Drinking Baileys coffee in moderation is unlikely to get you drunk. For reference, both wine and Baileys have similar alcohol by volume (ABV), with Baileys Irish cream liqueur at 17% ABV and wine ranging from 9% to 16% ABV.

Does Baileys Need to Be Refrigerated?

No, it’s not necessary to keep Baileys Irish cream refrigerated. Moreover, it stays fresh for 24 months from the manufacturing date, whether opened or unopened. Keep it away from direct sunlight, and store it between 0-25 °C (32-77 °F).

How Do You Keep Baileys from Curdling In Coffee?

Try these tips to prevent Baileys from curdling in coffee.

  • Use fresh ingredients: Ensure both the coffee and Baileys are fresh to reduce the likelihood of curdling.
  • Stir the mixture while adding Baileys: Continuously stir the coffee as you pour in the Baileys to help the two liquids blend smoothly.
  • Use hot coffee: Opt for hot, freshly brewed coffee, as cold coffee may increase the chances of curdling.
  • Add baking soda: To balance the pH levels and minimize curdling, add a pinch of baking soda to the coffee before adding Baileys.
  • Temperature matching: Warm the Baileys slightly before adding it to the hot coffee to reduce the temperature difference and minimize curdling.

How Much Baileys to Put In Coffee?

It depends on personal preference and taste. Typically, a common ratio is 1 to 2 ounces (30 to 60 ml) of Baileys Irish cream per 6 ounces (180 ml) of coffee.


As we conclude this blog, we hope you’ve enjoyed our journey through Baileys coffee’s history, types, and our delightful recipe. Now, it’s time to savor the magic. Go ahead and try our recipe, and relish the perfect sip! Cheers to a delightful experience!

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